Titan Management Services offers every client our investment of ownership on behalf of their community. This personal level of investment drives us to provide accurate and efficient reporting. This involves creating a dependable flow of information while catering to the unique needs of each community that trusts us. Our committed team provides responsible service to all of our associations, ensuring that each one is managed to the highest level of care and attention.

Hampton Place Annual Dues

2019 Hampton Place Annual Dues:

  • $475.00 per resident
  • Online transactions include an additional 4.5% processing fee ($496.00 total)
  • Residents are able to send a check for the full amount, no convenience fee required, to the following address:

Hampton Place HOA
C/O Titan Management Services
P.O. Box 39531
North Ridgeville OH 44039

Make checks payable to Hampton Place HOA.


Late fee guidance from the board of directors:

April 27, 2019 – May 5, 2019 $510 $475 + $35 late fee
May 6, 2019 – May 31, 2019 $545 $475 + $35 late fee I+ $35 late fee II
June 1, 2019 and beyond $545 + Lien Fees + Legal Fees $475+ $35 late fee I + $35 late fee II + Lien on Property

Late Payment Penalties
Homeowners Association dues are due in full by 4:00 PM of the stated deadline. All late payments will be assessed additional penalties, up to and including a lien on the property.