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Our counselors at CareerChatPro have years of experience providing professional counseling for people just like you. With your counselor, you will find the right path for you and have the confidence to take your next steps.

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Growth Strategy

Sharpen your employment tool-set to find your next opportunity

Career Counseling

Perfect starting point for career strategies, returning to school and laying out your future plans.

Career Couseling

Meet with a professional Career Counselor to discuss your strategy for finding the right education path, career change or strategies for finding your next career opportunity.  These counselors have years of experience in their areas of specialty and will provide you the personalized objective guidance for your unique journey.  Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss job search strategy, university/college guidance, apprenticeships, interest/skill review, career change, going back to school and military transitions.

Growth Strategy

Salary negotiation, social media strategies, resume review and interview coaching are areas to sharpen before you take your next steps to get the most out of all the hard work you have already put into your professional development.  Are your resume and social media accounts telling future employers what you want them to?

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